Following the publication of the results of the Interkula’s survey “How is Triratna Doing Now?” a Facebook group was opened to give anyone who was interested an opportunity to discuss the results.

It was part of the groups stated intention to only be temporary and for a further report to be written sharing the main points to come out of the discussion on the group. Accordingly the group has now been closed and here is a brief outline of the various discussions points raised

1) COMMUNICATION WITHIN THE ORDER AND COMMUNITY: Communication within the Order and Community was discussed the most. Topics of discussion included:

  • Who has access to which information could be clarified: what information does everyone have access to, which information is just for Order members, which information is just for some Order members (i.e., in certain places or positions)

  • A desire for greater multi-directional communication, especially greater back-and-forth collaborative dialogue between official decision-making bodies and the rest of the Order and community.

  • Communication structures are closely related to organizational structures. The merits of centralized vs decentralized organizational structures were discussed.

  • Group dynamics, especially in relation to dissenting opinions and whistle-blowers, are important to be aware of and are seen in Triratna regarding this issue.

2) EXTERNAL REVIEW: The second topic getting the most discussion was the desire/need for an external review.

  • There was emphasis on the motivation for an external review being to heal the divisions in the community that have arisen over past misconduct.

  • ​ An external review could also reveal ways our communication dynamics and structures could be improved. Therefore, improving communication and an external review are closely linked.

3) GROUP MEMBERSHIP: People from a wide range of backgrounds expressed interest in the conversations by joining the Interkula group, including Order members, Mitras, Friends, and people who long ago left Triratna. It was noted that only one person from the Adhistana and Ethics kulas responded to the report, and none of them joined the group.

4) METHODOLOGY: There was discussion about survey methodology and appreciation expressed for its rigor.